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Profound Publishing LLC

Unseen Love is the author’s first novel. It is a mysterious love story that captures the imagination from the beginning and holds it to the end. It also challenges the reader to discover the seen but unseen within the novel.

From the novel:

“Here he was, face-to-face, all alone with his ghost. His hands trembled as he reached to touch what he could not see.”

"… He had been the simmering coal beneath the kindling that set ablaze the desire within her…."

" She had come a long ways because of him, and although he did not know it, without him, she had no existence.


Unseen Love has all the ingredients of an intriguing suspenseful novel. The author’s flair for detail has an engrossing effect. This is a book that is tightly plotted and keeps you guessing to the end and after…

M. B. Mahin, Educator

Unseen Love is captivating, intriguing, mystifying, picturesque and just plain wonderful! While reading it, I was continually kept in a state of awe. I am anxiously awaiting your next publication.

Charles Etta Arkadie-Lucas

Educator, Author of Pastor Passion and Poetry