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God in Mathematics the Novel

In an effort to expand students' minds, while teaching at a religious funded school, Professor Sherman Arthur uses mathematics to present a concept that defines an omnipresent entity. He ties this entity into the beginning of existence and shows that the entity has a unique characteristic which could be associated with nonexistence. The students believe that God is the only omnipresent entity and try to understand how to reconcile the mathematical logic of this defined entity to their belief in God. Being a religious funded school, this causes a confrontational situation with the school and Professor Sherman Arthur. In addition, he has conflict at home which results in emotional ties at work. Pick up a copy of God in Mathematics the Novel at your favorite online book store. Follow the suspense as reactions to his teaching escalate and emotional connections and conflict increase.

Too Much Pain

Pain comes in different ways in our lives. Follow a family through the results of pain brought on through illness and the pain of inner conflict. Find out what too much pain leads one to do and discover the message of life brought through a plant.