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Baby Power

Lee, still in his mother’s wound, has made plans to dominate and control his parents after his birth. However, upon his birth, he discovers that his pre-birth plans have hit a snag. There is another sibling in the household whose plans are different from his. Join the excitement and humor in this quaint little household as battles rage for dominance. Watch in your mind the many antics of Lee and the growing pains of the family. Get ready to laugh because you just might see someone you know through watching Lee.

Hidden Away

Lying hidden away at the toe of Virginia, cuddled in a gap of the Appalachians is Big Stone Gap. However, Big Stone Gap may not be the only thing hidden away in the gaps of this area.

Strange things are occurring in the town and the surrounding area. Rick, a one-time resident of the town, is determined to uncover the secret that he is sure exists there. In his quest, he and others discover there are mysteries within that they must confront. For some, the discovery of their hidden away mysteries leads to questions that they cannot answer.

Follow as the Hidden Away mysteries come to light and danger threaten those who are trying to uncover the truth. But, beware of the truth, for sometimes to know, is not to know. Pick up a copy at online book outlets.